About Us

“Growing old does not mean game is over. You still have the opportunity to take on the best”

Having staunch believe in above notion for sixer11 age is just a number and that’s why we strive to deliver fun for both adults and kids. It is a unique platform that blends classic games with modern design to give all age groups a truly entertaining experience. And not only an entertaining experience but with our online games we also encourage creative thinking.

Good thing is that our technology driven online gaming platform is dedicated to provide a more realistic and richer gaming experience. To ensure valuable experience we have adopted cutting edge technologies for running our online games. Most exciting thing is that unlike others we offer our innovative interactive entertainment complete package at great price.

Best is that we have a simple, comprehensible and easy to operate user interface that allow players to reap good rewards of their skills.

Above all, our 'fair and square' approach has enabled us to establish a unique trust factor with all users of our gaming platform. And that's why since our inception in year 2018 our community is growing by leaps and bounds.

Coming to our management, then we are a team of likeminded sports enthusiasts who have strong technological and sports knowledge.

This is certainly not the end. To get more details and to play with your friends join our online gamer’s community today.

For further enquirers contact us at [email protected]