Fair Play

Equal Opportunity

Our motto is simple i.e. equality. And for us equal opportunity means where everyone have fair chance to try their skill set. That's why we have set a pre-fixed limit of 100 credits for all the users. Moreover, irrespective of the format selected, team picked and rewards gained all our users are governed by same set of rules.

Transparent and fixed credits

Our credit system is transparent and easy to understand. Credit set for a specific player is fixed for each contest. The value of each player is directly proportional to that player's performance in the real world and this value does not fluctuate.

Fixed time limit

We have set a fixed time after no participant is allowed to change or revise the team selected. With this we try to ensure that no player get any sort of added advantage in last minute after announcement of playing 11 in real world.

Contestants watch

We have provided an exclusive opportunity to check the teams picked by other participants taking part in a contest. You can download and save all the details of other participants selected teams. This simply means a user can easily track other participants and hence diminishes all chances of cheating.

Announcement of winner

We always want to see you all winning. But, sometime you win and sometime you just learn. Therefore accept both win and loss as part of game. However, to avoid any contentious issue we have transparently displayed our credit and point system for calculations. We always fairly display and process rewards gained by a user.

Verify correct identity

To ensure fairplay on our platform we have framed guidelines which are mandatory for all users to follow. Moreover, we verify details like PAN, KYC and bank details before allowing any user to withdrawal rewards.


We have integrated with different payment gateways to make it simple for you to get rewarded more rapidly. Before associating with a third party payment gateway we thoroughly check its operations to ensure utmost security of payments to users.

Server security

We have employed state-of-the-art servers to protect your data from any sort of unauthorized access. We use encryption as well as multiple levels of security checks to make your online gaming experience absolutely safe.

24X7 customer support

We have established a dedicated customer support team to assist our users in case of any sort of trouble during gaming. A user can also leave his/her queries and our team gets in touch with such users on priority basis.