Privacy And Policy

Last updated: 02/17/2020

“The issue of privacy is not for us simply as a matter of business practice. It’s just fundamental to human dignity”. Gerald Levin

Having a strong believe in above though we always strive to respect the privacy of all users of our services. And that’s why we had painstakingly conceptualized a transparent ‘Privacy Policy’ to uphold extreme confidentiality of our user’s personal information.


Now, no matter whether you have read our ‘Privacy Policy’ or not, by registering and using our online gaming services automatically notify that you have thoroughly read, comprehend and agree with our ‘Privacy Policy’. Further, by registering, using or participating in our online games depicts that a user agrees to be bound by our ‘Privacy Policy’.

Also, note down that our ‘Privacy Policy’ document is a legally obligatory agreement between us and you. By agreeing with our ‘Privacy Policy’ a users is also giving consent to collect, use, disclose and transfer collected personal information to run our services and platform.

Considering all this, we strongly recommend all our service or platforms users to meticulously go through this ‘Privacy Policy’ document as a whole before using any our services.

The following service and platform of ‘sixer11’ is conceptualized. Through this online gaming portal and our mobile application (sixer11 App) we offer sports based online fantasy game.

We also advice all our users to keep a print copy of our ‘Privacy Policy’ document for any future reference.

A. Personal information that may ask from our users during registration process?

To use and participate in our online games a user first needs to register with our platform. For this user has to fill an online enrollment form that automatically displays on screen during the process.
Our online enrollment form comprises of questions regarding user’s basic personal information. This basic personal information comprises of following questions:

  1. Name
  2. Date of Birth
  3. Age
  4. Complete contact information
  5. E-mail address
  6. Mobile phone number
  7. Landline number, if any
  8. Bank account information (in special cases)

Apart from this, we may ask further additional information to verify and authenticate a user’s authenticity. A unique USERNAME and PASSWORD which user selects as per his/her discretion is being set during registration. A user is always free to introduce any changes, amendments, modifications in personal information provided to us.

Further, it is highlighted here that all such personal information collected during enrollment process is meant only for providing online gaming services. Information provided by the user also helps us to make our services more valuable, quick, user-friendly and affordable. In some extreme cases we may transfer or share user’s personal information with other third parties to make our platform more entertaining.

B. How we collect our user’s personal information

Through our sites: We may use various sites to collect your personal information.
Offline: We may collect information in case you contact our customer service.
Online tracking: We may use cookies to collect information about your interests.
From other sources: We may use other sources like social media platforms and public databases.

C. Disclosure or sharing of information to third parties

As mentioned above we may or may not disclose or share the personal information provided by the users to third parties in order to make our services more valuable. Additionally, by enrolling with our platform you are giving your consent to disclose or share your information with third parties as mentioned above.

Types of few third parties are described as below:

Strategic partners: During the course of our business we may enter into special or strategic partnerships with other companies, sponsors, co-branded sites not owned directly or indirectly by us. We enter into such strategic partnerships to add additional features and by enrolling with us you are giving your consent to share your personal information.
Service providers: We may use the service facilities of other service providers to make your gaming experience smoother. Therefore, we may use your personal information for limited and sole purposes of business.
Ad networks: We may establish associations with third party Ad networks to display our advertisements across the internet. To deliver such advertisement with utmost relevancy our Ad networks may use cookies and pixel tags. However, such Ad networks are not allowed to use personal information like name, phone no. address and e-mail address.

D. Use of cookies

Cookies are a source to transfer data to computers or other devices for record keeping. However, a cookie can never use data saved in user’s hard drive.
Now, to serve our users with more precise information we may use cookies and other associated technologies. We may use cookies to better comprehend the user’s specific interest and likings.

E. How do we ensure safety of your personal data or information?

Our goal is simple i.e. to give a valuable gaming experience while maintaining utmost safety of user. It is an inherent part of our work culture and that’s why we always keep safety of our user’s data and information as our prime priority. Controlling your information we keep it safe at our independently owned server and secure systems.

Any sort of access to our servers is password protected and is strictly limited to only few of our trusted key management members.

In addition, to ensure utmost security we use up-to-the-minute cutting edge technical and administrative measures in order to completely diminish any chance of users or clients information loss, unlawful admittance, mishandling, leak and modifications.

Besides this, we cannot guarantee 100 % that all your personal information or other data is absolutely safe at our end. In order to help us maintain the safety of your data we advice users to keep their username and password confidential.

F. Possible ways adopted by us to use your information

We may use your personal information to forward emails or text messages regarding our online gaming services. We may also send emails or text messages to verify your authentication as well as of your bank account for future transactional process.

Apart from this, we may use your physical address or email address to send latest promotional information, images, text, videos or links of our services or any other related information. However, you are always free to opt out of this service forwarding promotional information in any form.

G. In case of any change or amendment in this ‘Privacy Policy’

Whenever required we may introduce changes or amendments in our ‘Privacy Policy’. We reserve the exclusive right to amend, supplement, delete, upgrade, discontinue, suspend or modify fully or part of this ‘Privacy Policy’ document at our own discretion. However, we may or may not notify the changes if made any by email to any or all our users.

H. Conditions for users

In any case we do not give any sort of guarantee that e-mail or other promotional information that we may forward to our users is virus free and absolutely safe. Therefore all users are requested to use their discretion before opening or using such promotional messages. We will not be liable directly or indirectly in case of any damage, financial loss and data loss occurs because of use of our promotional messages or even our platform.

I. Contact information

In case of any query, clarification, comment and complaint regarding our ‘Privacy Policy’ document feel free to contact us at address given below:
Simcade Gaming PVT. LTD.
Email:[email protected]